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Enrollment in MN Sure 

(AKA Obama Care)

If by now you are frustrated and ready to give up on enrolling into a health insurance policy with MN Sure via their web site, we can help.  We have stopped trying to work with the broken web site, and with the disjointed unhelpful telephone service reps, and are recommending to our clients that they apply via a paper application.
If you would like to apply to MN Sure for health insurance via a paper application, you may do so here.  Download this application file: complete it on your computer, print it, sign it, and then mail it to the address on the form.  Please list "Scott D. Johnson, MN ID 52007" as your broker on page 35 of the application. 

If you have been unable to set up an online user account at MN Sure, you will also need this file. This is in addition to the health insurance application. 
In 2013 and again in 2014 Your Benefit Resource! - Scott D. Johnson agreed to invest considerable time and personal funds into becoming a certified MN Sure Broker. Unfortunately, the State of Minnesota (after spending $ 130 million dollars) still does not have a working website to quickly enroll you online.

If you DO NOT need, want, or qualify for the taxpayer funded assistance on paying for your health insurance policy, then you may bypass MN Sure and apply online with any of my insurance companies for the same premium (price) as the tax qualified plans.  Click here to compare insurance plans, prices, and apply online.

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